Italian Barista Certificate
The Worldwide barista certification

Speed, self confidence, expertise, management skills.

These are the keywords for companies, coffee shops and roasting companies looking for collaborators in the professional coffee world. These are also the keywords for the Italian Barista Certificate.

Italian Barista Certificate is a certified and accredited training protocol used all over the professional coffee world, for those who work, want to work or wish to open a coffee related startup.

IBC focuses on the real needs of the coffee operator, barista or roaster. All study topics (barista, latte art, brewing and roastig) are based on a practical training protocol. Theory is carried out before the course, with an online training system. The time in the classroom is dedicated to practice and skill improvement.

Obtaining an Italian Barista Certificate and the “Coffee specialist” degree, means being a certified barista, roaster, brewer and taster with all the needed skills to work as a coffee professional.

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The Italian Barista Certificate

Four areas
Two levels, basic and advanced
Two “coffee specialist” degrees


The all around barista world, from espresso to management.

Brew the world

Coffee is a huge world, discovery all the extraction methods!

Roast & Cup

From green to cupping, everything that comes before the bar counter!

Latte Art

A barista MUST be an artist!!

Get a coffee specialist degree

Passing all exams leads to a Coffee Specialist certification. All exams are recorded on a “passport card”. Pass the 4 basic level exams and get tthe

Junior Coffee specialist certificate

Pass the 4 advanced level and get the

Coffee specialist certificate

and if you are among the fastest baristas your passport becomes golden!


Your coffee knowledge is too narrow? enlarge it!

Italian Barista Certificate is a system that doesn’t limit it self to teaching how to make the perfect espresso and cappuccino. IBC is much more!

With the combination of online/in class training  you will acquire not only the basic knowledge but also expertise and skills.

A barista must know how to prepare a V60 as well as checking the food cost.
A  roaster must know green coffee as well how to taste it.
A brewer must know ibrik as well traditional extraction methods of the countries where he/she works.

The coffee operator job is wide, wider than what is usually thought!

Certified italian barista certificate students

Thousands of students have already got their Italian Barista Certificate certification in many branches all around the world and in many different areas. From Nepal to Mexico, from Jordan to Switzerland, in this page you can find the list of them.

We are just waiting for you!

Where you can certify yourself?

The Italian Barista Certificate protocol is available in many countries, check in this page where you can find the closest trainer and branch.

Contact us and get an IBC degree as
thousands of barista throughout the world!


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