IBC Areas

Basic, Advanced and Top Barista

Italian Barista Certificate
Training structure

According to the most up-to-date data of job opportunities around the world, Italian Barista Certificate has decided to structure its training in four specific areas. This system allows the student to have a complete vision of his professional field, and to be able to operate independently right away.


The all around barista world, from espresso to management.

Brew the world

Coffee is a huge world, discovery all the extraction methods!

Roast & Cup

From green to cupping, everything that comes before the bar counter!

Latte Art

A barista MUST be an artist!!

Your Skills deveserve
to be certified

Every area is divided in two levels, basic and advanced

  • Every time you pass an exam, of every level, you get a stamp on your virtual Passport, where all your exams are displayed.
  • Once the four exams of the basic level are passed, you get an additional certificate as “Junior Coffee Specialist” 
  • When all the four advanced level exams are passed, you get an additional certificate as “Coffee Specialist” 


The final part of the Advanced Barista exam is passed in less than 6’30” you will receive a gold coloured passport and an additional certificate as “Top barista”!

How IBC courses and exams work?


One of IBC’s goals is to provide very complete and very practical training, a philosophy which, understandably, takes time.

We realize that time is precious for everyone, and we don’t want the courses leading to Italian Barista Method certifications to be too expensive.

This is why we ensure that the very important theoretical part can be held remotely, through video courses, slides and other material, in this way part of the training can be done at home, with lower times and costs.

How IBC courses and exam works?


Once the theory has been completed, you can access the theoretical exam, which is sent out directly by the headquarter in your preferred language.

Once this exam is passed, you will be admitted to the course and to the subsequent practical exam at the chosen location.

If you live far from an authorized center, courses and exams can also be delivered through an online procedure. For the latte art exam, however, it will be necessary to have the equipment (for instance espresso machine for barista courses).


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