Roast and cup

Is roasting and cupping fundamental for
every coffee specialist?

How understandable, the concept of extraction and organoleptic profile in a coffee cup, is not just related with extraction protocols, but also with coffee varietals, chemistry and roasting profiles. This is why a coffee specialist MUST be aware about all the steps of the coffee supply chain.

This is the aim of the “Roast & Cup” IBC area, because every building begins and depends on its foundations!


Green coffee knowledge, chemistry, sensory, roasting and tasting techniques will be necessary for a complete “coffee specialist”,these are the topics of this area!

Roast & Cup Basic

  • The botany of coffee, Arabica, Canephora, liberica, excelsa …
  • The processing processes of the drupes, natural, washed, honey, Pulped Natural
  • The methods of classification of green coffee
  • The aim of the coffee tasting. The organs of sense involved in coffee tasting: eyes, nose, mouth.
  • Acidity, bitterness, sweetness, mouthfeel, flavour and aromas: the use of professional terminology.
  • The Cupping: recognizing the species, recognizing the defects.
  • Several cupping exercises with different coffees, commodity and specialty
  • How the process, variety and altitude of coffee cultivation can affect the roasting process
  • How to choose the roasting machine?
  • Physical and chemical elements of roasting: different temperatures for different coffees, first and second crack, degradation of acids and variation of caffeine in roasting.
  • Roasting practice: managing the batch from start to finish.
  • IBC Basic Roast & Cup Exam

Roast & Cup Advanced

  • The cupping sheet to define a Specialty and a Cup of excellence
  • The concept of profile and roasting curve
  • The use of softwares: Artisan, Cropster
  • The measurement of humidity and density of green coffee for roasting
  • Roasted coffee measurement with colorimetric systems as Agtron
  • Turning point and development time: how the various stages of roasting affect the final taste.
  • The management of the phases during the roasting
  • Roasting defects: scorching, tipping, baking etc… how to recognize them in cupping
  • Practical roasting exercises managing (lengthening, shortening, modifying) the various phases
  • Blind cupping tasting: the same coffee roasted at various levels and with different profiles
  • Blind tasting in cupping: knowing how to recognize roasting defects
  • Blending: creating our blend targeting our taste or the taste of our customers.
  • IBC Advanced Roast & Cup Exam

Italian Barista Certificate
Coffee Specialist Passport

A special passport, for a specialist! By passing this exam you get the “Roast & CUP Basic and Advanced ” stamp on the Coffee specialist passport

The Italian Barista Certificate headquarter will certify your “coffee specialist” passport on the official website, and you will have the possibility to insert it in your CV.


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