Roast and cup

Is roasting and cupping fundamental for
every coffee specialist?

How understandable, the concept of extraction and organoleptic profile in a coffee cup, is not just related with extraction protocols, but also with coffee varietals, chemistry and roasting profiles. This is why a coffee specialist MUST be aware about all the steps of the coffee supply chain.

This is the aim of the “Roast & Cup” IBC area, because every building begins and depends on its foundations!


Green coffee knowledge, chemistry, sensory, roasting and tasting techniques will be necessary for a complete “coffee specialist”,these are the topics of this area!

Roast & Cup Basic

  • The botany of coffee, Arabica, Canephora, liberica, excelsa …
  • The processing processes of the drupes, natural, washed, honey, Pulped Natural
  • The methods of classification of green coffee
  • The aim of the coffee tasting. The organs of sense involved in coffee tasting: eyes, nose, mouth.
  • Acidity, bitterness, sweetness, mouthfeel, flavour and aromas: the use of professional terminology.
  • The Cupping: recognizing the species, recognizing the defects.
  • Several cupping exercises with different coffees, commodity and specialty
  • How the process, variety and altitude of coffee cultivation can affect the roasting process
  • How to choose the roasting machine?
  • Physical and chemical elements of roasting: different temperatures for different coffees, first and second crack, degradation of acids and variation of caffeine in roasting.
  • Roasting practice: managing the batch from start to finish.
  • IBC Basic Roast & Cup Exam

Roast & Cup Advanced

  • The cupping sheet to define a Specialty and a Cup of excellence
  • The concept of profile and roasting curve
  • The use of softwares: Artisan, Cropster
  • The measurement of humidity and density of green coffee for roasting
  • Roasted coffee measurement with colorimetric systems as Agtron
  • Turning point and development time: how the various stages of roasting affect the final taste.
  • The management of the phases during the roasting
  • Roasting defects: scorching, tipping, baking etc… how to recognize them in cupping
  • Practical roasting exercises managing (lengthening, shortening, modifying) the various phases
  • Blind cupping tasting: the same coffee roasted at various levels and with different profiles
  • Blind tasting in cupping: knowing how to recognize roasting defects
  • Blending: creating our blend targeting our taste or the taste of our customers.
  • IBC Advanced Roast & Cup Exam


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