Brew the world

What is a Brew the
world certification?

Brewing, in the world of coffee, is the word resuming every extraction method not related with espresso machine

It can therefore be understood how vast this topic can be, in time, in the extraction methods invented over the centuries, and in space, the methods traditionally used in various cultures

The IBC Brew the World program aims to raise awareness and promote knowledge of brand new, very ancient, particular and typical coffee preparation methods of different nations and different cultures.

Dallah, moka, ibrik, sock, cuccuma, the most ancient and folkloric methods together with V60, aeropress, cold brew, the coolest and newest ones!

A fundamental certification for every professional who works with coffee, and always with the super hands-on approach of courses held with the IBC protocol.

The IBC brew the world area programs

Brewing is a matter of science and practice, this is the courses leading to the IBC certifications are super hands-on!

Brew the World Basic Certification Program:

  • Introduction to coffee brewing
  • Percolation, Infusion, Pressure
  • Strength and Extraction
  • The essential elements of brewing: Brew Ratio, Grind settings, water quality, filter material, the 3 T’s
  • Infusion methods, how to prepare coffee with a French Press
  • Drip Methods, how to prepare coffee with Chemex, V60, and Automatic Drip Brewers
  • The Italian way of preparing coffee: Moka Pot and Neapolitan coffee maker
  • Cold Drip and Cold Brew
  • IBC Basic Brewing Exam (preparation of 2 ideal cup standard coffee with infusion and Dripper)


Brew the World Advanced Certification Program:

  • Which Coffee to use for coffee brewing, roasting degrees, different acidities,
  • The role of Co2
  • The use of refractometer
  • The Coffee Brewing Chart
  • Strength and Extraction
  • How to play with the parameter to get the Ideal Cup
  • How to store brewed coffee: Heating plates vs Thermal Airports
  • Turkish Coffee, how to prepare coffee with a Cezve/Ibrik
  • How to brew coffee with a Clever Dripper, Syphon, and Aeropress
  • Vietnamese Coffee. How to brew coffee with a Phin
  • Coffee Cascara infusion with dried coffee cherries
  • Coffee Flower Tea, how to prepare this infusion
  • How to brew coffee with a Syphoon
  • The Italian Moka Pot: traditional vs Specialty
  • Nitro Cold Brew, how to prepare and serve this new trendy drink
  • The Arabic Coffee, how to prepare and serve this traditional light coffee with cardamon

IBC Advanced Brewing Exam (Prepare 3 extraction simultaneously, also with the same method keeping the result in the ideal cu

Italian Barista Certificate
Coffee Specialist Passport

A special passport, for a specialist! By passing this exam you get the “Brew the world Basic and Advanced ” stamp on the Coffee specialist passport!

The Italian Barista Certificate headquarter will certify your “coffee specialist” passport on the official website, and you will have the possibility to insert it in your CV.


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