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Italian Barista Certificate

Italian Barista Certificate is a coffee training protocol, but first of all is a philosophy, made by persons, persons that want to share their passion and that in every course are happy to exchange their experience and their knowledge.

Italian Barista Certificate

IBC is very proud to attract so many passionate people, and in many cases the IBC students also become IBC authorized trainers.

Our trainers, after passing the IBC levels of their area, are asked to pass the “Train the trainer” program before becoming Authorized IBC trainers.

HERE you can find the list of the IBC Authorized trainers

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Italian Barista Certificate

Of course, IBC is also made (well, is not “also made” but is actually made by students. We want to thank them for appreciating and sharing our vision of coffee training.

Here you can find the complete list of the certified students, and you can become one of them 

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