Coffee Specialist Passport

Italian Barista Certificate
Coffee Specialist Passport


A coffee professional must be a figure able to follow every step in the coffee supply chain, a professional, with the knowledge and practical skills to better manage this whole chain.

Such important skills must be certified.

How to get the
Coffee Specialist Passport

We thought that whoever has this type of competence and knowledge must be able to certify and accredit them at an international level.

One way to do this is to achieve the IBC Coffee Specialist Passport.

Every area is divided in two levels, basic and advanced

  • Every time you pass an exam, of every level, you get a stamp on your Passport, where all your exams are displayed.
  • Once the four exams of the basic level are passed, you get an additional certificate as “Junior Coffee Specialist” 
  • When all the four advanced level exams are passed, you get an additional certificate as “Coffee Specialist” 

Your skills deserve
to be certified

For each i passed exam, a numbered stamp relating to the officially registered exam will be sent together with the diploma.

Once completed the Coffee Specialist Passport, both for the basic or for the advanced level, the additional “Coffee specialist diploma” will be sent.

And don’tt forget that If you run the final test “Barista time trial” in less than 6’30” you will receive the special golden passport

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