Italian Barista Certificate

Certify your skills with Italian Barista Certificate!

Why certify with
Italian Barista Certificate

Obtaining an accredited IBC certification is an important milestone for your professional life as an operator in the coffee world

Unlike other certification methods, it is very focused on the practical aspect right from the basic levels.

Unlike other certification methods, it is not restricted to a single area, but frames the operator's role within a more global competence

It allows you to learn all the skills and tricks to become fast and very self-confident, what is needed at the bar counter

It allows you to work not only on espresso and cappuccino, but also on all the classic, traditional and local preparations, sometimes forgotten in other certification methods.

It allows you to access to competitions and events based on the Barista Time Trial model

How can I use my IBC certification

Once achieved, your IBC certification follows you in your professional life. In addition to the certificate issued upon passing the exam, you can always show your passport with all the IBC exams passed (in addition, your passport will be colored in gold if you have passed the Barista Time Trial in less than 6 minutes and 30 seconds)

All your results, all your certificates will then be registered and numbered on the IBC website, in this way you will always be able to demonstrate them in any working context, such as your CV. Furthermore, you will always have the possibility to increase your competence by passing the IBC exams of the other areas.

Where I can get my
Italian Barista Certificate Certification

The headquarters of Italian Barista Certificate is located in Florence, Italy. Many other authorized training centers are present around the world.

If you are unable to reach any Authorized center it is possible to follow the online certification procedure, let us know about it.

Contact us to find the Italian Barista Certificate authorized center closest to you!

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