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Coffee courses Dubai with Italian Barista Method

Dubai is the center of a real explosion in the coffee business. For that, the best barista courses in Dubai could not be missing, those of the Espresso Academy with its Italian Barista Method.

It all started in 2018, when, thanks to the mutual friendship with a famous coffee machine company, Mattina Coffee, the second partner in the world after the Nepalese of Red Cherry, asked to join the Italian Barista system. It was from that moment on that Espresso Academy began offering its barista courses in Dubai.

Espresso Academy partner and IBM authorized center has been, since then, Mattina Coffee,

A roastery specializing in specialty and high quality coffee, a company which, precisely because of its attention to quality, supply chain and coffee experimentation, could only decide to structure its Coffee Training areas according to the parameters of an Italian barista.

On the other hand, with the explosion of specialty coffee shops in the Gulf countries, the need for baristas in the area, as well as the need for them to be highly professionally trained, has greatly increased.

IBM training, highly focused on practical aspects and regional recipes, is therefore the guarantee, for a young barista, of entering the world of work by the main gate, and for the entrepreneur looking for personnel, a guarantee that they are trained to the best.

You can find the training site in the morning coffee, for coffee courses in Dubai, on this page

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