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Italian Barista Certificate Bulgaria with our partner Georgi Zhelyazkov

My name is Georgi Zhelyazkov and I am trainer in Espresso Academy Bulgaria. I have dedicated more than 20 years to the coffee and I am very happy to be part of the growing family of Espresso Academy and Italian Barista Certificate!

Which is the coffee education situation in your country?

The coffee culture in Bulgaria is rising slowly and need time people to start appreciate the quality of the coffee. That`s why coffee education is very important. Unfortunately most of educations are conducting in our capital Sofia and sometimes from people that haven’t enough knowledge and experience.

Why did you choose Italian Barista Certificate?

One of the reason I choose Italian Barista Certificate is because it`s focused on the real barista knowledge and practice. It`s focused on practice and trying to teach barista to be not only knowledgeable but efficient and fast in their work without sacrificing quality of the service. Also, there is a practical exam for the students even in first level of education in contrast to SCA where on the foundation level there is only theoretical exam.

According to you, which are the most important values of the Italian Barista Certificate?

The love and passion of the trainers and their desire for continuous imrpovement. Another important thing is that IBC is developing and adding new chapters to the courses according to the real needs of the baristas and according to the new tendencies in coffee culture.

Also, the trainers in Italian Barista Certificate love to share their knowledge with the students.

The Italian Barista Certificate includes many regional recipes, which one is your favorite? Which one is the student’s favorite?

I personally prefer espresso, but from regional recipes I like to drink Shakerato.

The students like very much Marocchino and Cortado.

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