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Mr Islam, the owner of the “Blend” roasting company, our IBC partner in Egypt!

Which is the coffee education situation in your country?

Egypt has a long history of coffee consumption and production, and many Egyptians are passionate about coffee.
However, as for the educational aspect it’s still developing. It started way back in 2019 with IBC entry to Egypt and since then it was a step-by-step process.
People here tend or prefer to drink Turkish coffee over the Italian espresso cause they lack the knowledge or haven’t been educated enough to develop a new taste.
Fortunately, during the pandemic era people here started to ask what and how more often, and search for a new caffeine beverage other than the Turkish one. And since then the coffee culture started to take a shape and develop rapidly to the way it is right now. People started to look for alternatives like how to make a cup of coffee or an espresso shot at home without the need of going out and heading straight to a coffee shop and risk their well-being. So here came the initiative part, the motive to learn more about the coffee world, how develop their tasting and sensory abilities. Although it’s a long way trip, it’s definitely a rewarding one.

Why did you choose Italian Barista Certificate?

First things first, Italy is very well known for its rich and vibrant coffee culture, and many people around the world are drawn to the Italian style of coffee preparation and presentation, so Italy basically is the place to start learning from.
Also the fact that it is recognized globally as a standard of quality in coffee preparing gives any establishment like ours here in Egypt the credibility it needs when dealing with customers or other businesses in the same sector.
Also being a part of the espresso academy family is something to be profoundly proud of for sure.

According to you, which are the most important values of the Italian Barista Certificate?

We think that the way espresso academy courses implements the theoretical part through the practical part is what values the Certificate the most.
Most of the people read and gains knowledge about the green coffee, how to roast it, how to prepare it in a professional way, but they have never been tested; cause it’s all just knowledge and it’s not enough without practicing on it. So here comes Espresso Academy‘s role that focuses on developing one’s practical abilities, and not just practicality that it offers like how and what to do, but with a scientific mirror accompanied with it to explain it.

The Italian Barista Certificate includes many regional recipes, which one is your favorite? Which one is the student’s favorite?

As for the Egyptian students, many of them prefers the Turkish recipe due to our historical background, it is our identity as Egyptians. And that goes way back from approximately 400 years ago.

The most bizarre situation you encountered as a coffee trainer?
Fortunately I haven’t encountered any bizarre situation yet, but got to be ready for it.

Fortunately I haven’t encountered any bizarre situation yet, but got to be ready for it.

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